An Unbiased View of הגשת תביעה קטנה

הפורום הגדול בישראל לדיני עבודה וזכויות עובדים מנוהל על ידי

הוא שאל אותי את חומר החקירה בצורה של אלימות, כגון תתחילי לדבר

Israeli police offered to bribe"S", Daniel Ambash's associate, in exchange of false witness. At the outset she refused and was imprisoned in solitary confinement for three times.

בבית משפט ויותר שתקתי כבר לא רציתי לדבר והוא כתב במחשב זה מוזר היא שותקת "

לא ניתן לערער באופן אוטומטי ("ערעור בזכות") על פסק דין של בית המשפט לתביעות קטנות.

They took Yeshiva-Boys as workers, took a lot of credits in an effort to pay back the personnel and to acquire containers and we really attempted to evacuate all the things, but it was very tricky, aside from that, in the home inside the north we acquired authorization to deal only soon after two months. We discovered that some really, quite high priced points had been stolen, an organ worthy of about 17000, a generator value 4500, a projector worth 6000 and there's no just one to turn to. I also had a very difficult Tale concerning the policemen. I had been interrogated on 31/07/11 and on 01/08/11 and on 02/08/eleven, a few days. On the primary day they interrogated me like that: We have already been from the court docket of 1st instance due to the fact our father had a demo plus the Girls when Lizmi came to me and advised me I have to talk to you about one thing and he started to go from the setting up from the court within the way with the making with the law enforcement and I told him, hold out a minute and he mentioned: you come with me into the interrogation, I told him a person moment, I would like to tell my partner just before I'm going. Nathan also had been with us and he told him, what would you treatment, she is Expecting, Enable her go. Then Asher Lizmi let me return to courtroom and inform Nachman, my partner, what was happening and he explained to me to instantly return and I went again and entered the interrogation area. They place me right into a individual area and after that I waited there for at least half an hour without accomplishing anything, only in horrible suspense of what's going to be and with out figuring out no matter whether I can get out from right here and then an interrogator whose title was LilachRanan arrived in and informed me, appear into this space, another place, get undressed. I told her: What? For what? Exactly what the…? She instructed me I am going to go looking you. I asked her what exactly is search. She explained to me, should you don’t get undressed I'll get in touch with Everybody, men in addition to Ladies on you, handcuffs and afterwards We are going to take off your outfits. I told her, one particular minute, if I need to, I'll do it, I just would like to inquire an attorney just before that whether it is allowed to do this kind of factor. She instructed me shut up and known as Asher Lizmi and he instructed me, Rachel Leah, Are you interested in us that will help you?

I admit it and revealed it on the net : I just wanted to say freely the truth. But then, the police threatened me all over again, telling me the social employees who keep my daughter gained’t let me see her on account of what I revealed on the web. They won't allow me to see her neither my household for Rosh Hashana (jewish New Yr). I’m inquiring you, could it be my punishment or my daughter’s punishment ?

מדד הגיווןמקום מגורי העובד/תמראה חיצוניפערי שכר מגדרייםקבלה לעבודהשכר שווה לעובדיםכניסה לפורוםייעוץ משפטי

פסק דין בהיעדר התייצבות - במקרה שהנתבע לא מגיע לדיון, רשאי בית המשפט לתת פסק דין בהיעדר ובו בדרך כלל מתקבלת כל התביעה.

ביטול תביעה קטנה בדיני עבודה - פורום זכויות העובד ודיני עבודה

•‫כלכלית‬ ‫הגדרה‬-‫וודאות‬ ‫אי‬ ‫והפחתת‬ ‫סיכון‬ ‫פיזור‬.‫שהיחיד‬ ‫נזק‬

Jusqu’à aujourd’hui j’ai peur d’avouer avoir parlé durant les interrogatoires, mais c’était sous les menaces. Ma conscience ne me laisse in addition en paix.

Law enforcement & social employee's violence אלימות מהמשטרה ומהעובדות הסוציאליות

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